Lindbohm & Partners Ltd.
Lindbohm & Partners Ltd was established in the year 2000 by two friends; Mr. Heikki Lindbohm and Mr. Jarmo Ellonen. It is a true Finnish family company focusing on sales and marketing of international wines and spirits to Finnish domestic and duty free customers. We are providing an excellent partnership in growing and opening market of Finland. Our exclusive principals and their excellent products are building the strength for our future. We are located in the heart of the Finnish capital Helsinki which provides a close contact to the key customers. We know the market and our customers.

Mr. Heikki Lindbohm
Heikki is the founder and owner of the company, eMBA Helsinki School of Economics, BBA in Management, Dowling College, New York. He is born in Helsinki on July 1st, 1958. Before founding his own company Heikki was acting as Managing Director for Rettig Family owned Scanfrentz Co. and Vice President of Marketing in Oy Marli Ab, the leading wine and spirit companies in Finland. Since the year 1994 Heikki was in charge of Finlandia Vodka in Central Eastern Europe with Primalco Ltd. Heikki has many years experience in international business with Finnish family companies starting with Fazer Chocolates Ltd. in 1986 being continued with Paulig Coffee Co. 1991 and Koskisen Oy 1993. Heikki has developed close contacts with the key customers in Finland during the years within the industry.

Mr. Jarmo Ellonen
Jarmo is Chairman of the board and senior partner, LL.M, University of Helsinki, born on April 25th, 1956. He is senior partner in Attorneys-At-Law company Asianajotoimisto Ellonen Oy Ab Ltd since 1995. Before forming his own company Jarmo was Chairman of the board in Interbank Ltd 1989-95 and director for A-Vakuutus Mutual Insurance Company 1988-95. Jarmo started his career as stock broker in Bank of Helsinki 1982. Jarmo has excellent contacts to industry leaders in Finland. Jarmo is a long time wine lover and enjoy great wine and food.

Mr. Jukka Koivisto
Jukka is the board member since year 2005. He has a university degree in Technical Engineering and act as Chief Executive Officer of Urbaser Ltd. Jukka is well know connoisseur who loves great wine and food.

- Established in the year 2000 in Helsinki, Finland.
- Expert on marketing and sales of international branded products and services.
- Agency company of alcoholic beverages.
- Consultancy company within the industry.
- Long term experience and know how in export and import businesses.

- Provide best possible service to our Principals and Customers with close contacts between key people.
- Personal service, world class products with reasonable prices directly from producers to our final customers.
- Long term partnership between family companies.

- Enjoyment of great products and fun within the business.